Behavior Consults

Concerning Pet Behavior?

Ex: aggression, anxiety, fear, destruction, etc.

  • 1.5 to 2 hr session

  • Cat or dog

  • Custom behavior plan, recommended supplies, vetted service referrals, and more

  • Same rate for more than one pet

  • Appropriate for most cases

In-Home Assessment: $395

  • Mon to Fri: 10am - 3pm

  • Includes 30mins travel each way, further locations may incur travel fee (check your location here)

  • What to expect

Virtual Assessment: $250

  • Mon to Fri: 9am - 5pm

  • Zoom conferencing

  • Ideal for pets fearful of strangers, shy cats, etc.

  • What to expect

Manners, New Pet, Etc.?

Ex: new puppy or kitten, non-aggressive manners,  etc.


In-Home Working Session 

  • Mon to Fri: 10am - 3pm

  • $150 / 1hr

  • $525 4 x 1hr sessions

  • Includes 30mins travel each way, further locations may incur travel fee (check your location here)

Virtual Working Session

  • Mon to Fri: 9am - 5pm

  • $100 / hr 

  • $350 4 X 1hr sessions

  • 30min sessions available


The above rates also apply to working sessions following the pet's Assessment.

Not Sure What to Do?

Before committing to assessment



Case Review: $100

  • 30-60min phone or video call

  • General discussion, does not include training recommendations

  • Helpful if uncertain about safety, keeping pet, prognosis,etc.

  • Guidance for rescues regarding placement, etc.

Got Pet Insurance?

  • Your sessions may be covered!

  • One of my credentials allows for reimbursement with certain plans


Why are you so much more expensive than other trainers?
How will I know if you can cure my pet?
Why do you communicate and schedule via email only?
I am not sure if I can or should try to address my pet's problem. Will I still need to purchase a Behavior Assessment?
My trainer told me cookies won't work for my dog and that I need to be the alpha. Is that true?
How many sessions will I need?
Are you available nights and weekends?
Can we discuss my case on the phone ahead of time?
Why should I care about finding certified professionals?

What Clients Are Saying

Boo urinated all over herself, wouldn't come within 5ft, and trembled just looking at us. I felt so hopeless. Boo now runs excitedly to me every morning! 

~ Jesse, Carver MA

(c) 2020 Katenna Jones 

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