Certified Behavior Consulting

Step 1: Review My Service Options

Monday through Friday between 9am and 4pm ET

Virtual Behavior Assessment - $250

  • Due to COVID, I am not currently working in-person

  • This Zoom session lasts up to two hours during which we discuss your pets' behaviors, a specific plan for moving forward, and detailed instructions for your immediate next steps

  • After we meet you receive a written, customized behavior modification plan as well as a recording of our session

  • This service is appropriate for any cat or dog behavior concern that you intend to try to address

Case Review - $100

  • This Zoom session lasts 30-60min minutes and is a general discussion of your case and overview of available options

  • This service does not include a behavior plan, training instructions, written notes, or session recording 

  • This service is helpful for those who have concerns about the severity of a behavior, safety of humans or other pets, what behavior modification would entail, whether it is appropriate to work with the pet, options and more as well as rescues looking for adoption guidance

  • If you decide to proceed with behavior modification, session time and fee are applied toward Assessment

Step 2: Contact Me

Via my contact page

  • Discuss your preferred service option

  • Answer questions or concerns

  • Receive a referral if needed

Step 3: Scheduling

Be sure to check with your pet insurance, as sessions may be covered 

Step 4: Our Session

What to prepare and what to expect

  • To get the most out of our time, please ensure other appointments or distractions are not occurring at the same time

  • Anyone is welcome to attend, including children

  • Prepare treats for pet LOVES prior's to meeting, in case we start training

    • Dry bones or kibble usually won't cut it, try chicken, hotdogs, cheese, etc/

  • Ideal for fear or reactivity toward strangers, house soiling, most cat cases, etc.

  • Meeting on a mobile device is recommended when possible, in case I need a "tour" of your home or to see your pet

  • Ensure plenty of light and a strong internet connection

  • Learn more about what to expect

Step 5: Additional Work Sessions

 Monday through Friday between 9am and 4pm ET

Hourly rate: $100 / hr 

  • The vast majority of cases will require multiple work sessions in order to see meaningful improvement

  • These sessions are where most of the "work" gets done and take place in the same manner and entail the same preparation as your previous session

  • Typically, each session lasts about one hour

  • On occasion, sessions may run longer, for example when multiple pets are involved

Package of 4 X 1hour sessions: $350

  • This packaged includes four hours, at a reduced rate

  • Schedule all four in advance to secure your preferred day and time, and also to maintain consistent and steady progress

What Clients Are Asking

Are you available nights and weekends?
How can a virtual session possibly work?
Why are you so much more expensive than other trainers?
Why do you communicate and schedule via email only?
I am not sure if I can or should try to address my pet's problem. Will I still need to purchase a Behavior Assessment?
My trainer told me cookies won't work for my dog and that I need to be the alpha. Is that true?
How many sessions will I need?
Can we discuss my case on the phone ahead of time?
Why should I care about finding certified professionals?
Don't you need to see the behavior in action in order to address it?
How does pet insurance work?
How will I know if you can cure my pet?

What Clients Are Saying

We contacted Katenna after Miles started growling and lunging at dogs. It was a scary and confusing time. It felt that his behavior “came out of no where,” but Katenna helped us realize that it was coming from somewhere; we just couldn’t see it. Through virtual sessions, we gained a much better understanding of Miles and learned techniques to acclimate him to other dogs while also being mindful of other dogs’ safety and comfort. Now, Miles can relax around most dogs and even has a group of dog friends! 

Katenna’s transparency helped us form realistic expectations; her expertise helped us understand how to alter his behavior without harming his well-being; and her humor helped us feel comfortable in an uncomfortable situation. We are so thankful for her continued support. We’re sure that Miles’ life is better because of it.

Where Clients Are Located

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