Fear Free Trainer

Animal Behavior is not a new field for Katenna nor a hobby turned into a career - it's all she's ever done. While earning a Bachelor degree in biology, she became a shelter volunteer in 1998, then went on to earn a Master's in Psychology, with a focus on animal behavior, from Brown University.

Katenna is Rhode Island's only Associated Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist and Certified Cat Behavior Consultant, and is also a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, and is Certified Fear Free. Katenna works with families and their cats and dogs in person or virtually. She also provides professional development locally, internationally, and online. 

Administrative Assistants

Eloise Gremlinski and Susan B. Anshee are known around the water fountain as Wheezy and Banshee. These tiny ladies ensure everything is up to scratch by keeping surfaces free of clutter, digging into their work, and frequently  joining in on virtual sessions and  meetings. With all that balancing, it's no surprise they enjoy cat naps at their  heated work stations.
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Advisory Committee

Aquatics Division
Members of our aquatic advisory committee are really great at setting a positive example by letting problems roll off their backs and keeping things in a row. This paddling shares a love of all things water, including swimming and diving. They are Welsh harlequins and members include:
Paddles, Puddles, and Pickles


Shadow spun continuously in his kennel, so stayed in my office instead and became attached to my hip. He had this look in his eyes that would break your heart; like he had experienced things no animal should. He didn’t play or enjoy touch, flinched at the slightest noise and cowered at the slightest movement. His spirit had been shattered long ago.
I sought help but at the time options were very limited. He was alive, but he didn't have quality of life - and there is a difference - so I decided it was best to end his suffering. This is the only picture of us (he hated being held), taken the day before his final ride. As he took his last breath, I could only say “I’m sorry I couldn’t help you.” 
My experiences inspired me to work with the public rather than in research. I’ve been there, I get it, and I can help. No one should have to struggle like I did and no pet should live like Shadow lived. If I knew then what I know now…
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Senior Advisor

Isabelle is the current Senior Advisor as well as the last surviving member of the original Advisory Committee. Izzy is a 5yr old Rhode Island red who is a bit of a mother hen to the other committee members. Her interests include clicker training, targeting, and the xylophone. Izzy is semi-retired and a good egg.

Public Relations

Major Walter VonBurger is the newest team member, straight from Mississippi. He is a constant source of positivity and joy and even inspired everyone to take better care of themselves with lots of walkies. Walter is dogged about becoming best friends with everyone he meets and really puts his weight into being a great ambassador.


Maison was an American Staffordshire terrier, mini bull terrier mix. Since she was adopted in 2007, Maison was by Katenna's side and co-founded the consulting business that would eventually become Jones Animal Behavior. Early in her role, Maison not only taught Katenna a great deal, but also joined her on many appointments and even worked as helper dog. In more recents years, Maison enjoyed her retirement and served a primarily advisory role. Maison passed January 2021 and Jones Animal Behavior will never be the same without her.
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Advisory Committee

Land Division
Members of our land-based advisory committee are a clutch of very hard workers who comb through and peck away at their work from sun up to sun down. Sharing a focus on enrichment and clicker training, this diverse group includes:
Claudette Colvin, Australorpe
Dian Fossey, Jersey giant
Rosalind Franklin, Easter egger
Ada Lovelace, buff orphington
Sybil Ludington, white leghorn
Jeanette Rankin, silver lace wyandotte


Our all-female, highly skilled, elite security force has been training their entire lives. They are tough when needed, but can also be very sweet. They form a highly organized rabble and are always buzzing with activity and productivity. On an average day the girls are on patrol, working on housing for their expanding ranks, running errands, tending to the garden, and operating their in-house food factory.
Past Team Members
2003 - 2020
Scrumbalina Jane
2000 - 2018
Vangogh Louis
1999 - 2016
The Notorious C.A.T.
(aka Tori)
2016 - 2020
Phylis, Penelope,
Olive, Gertrude,
Rita, Sophia, Betty
2019 - 2021
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