One-on-one advice for consultants and trainers. Guidance on general behavior, cases, career, and more.

For behavior consultants struggling with uncertain about, or looking for assistance & support with a specific case.

For behavior consultants struggling with or uncertain about a case and looking for assistance with the client.


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One-on-one guidance for current & prospective behavior pros.

This virtual service is for anyone interested in becoming or who is already working as a professional cat or dog behavior consultant. Receive step-by-step support, general feedback on cases, answers to business or education questions, industry advice, guidance on anything related to dog or cat behavior and consulting, or whatever guidance they want for their career. Coaching sessions can be specific or general and might include a particular case, developing behavior modification plans, learning specific protocols, understanding species behavior, improving mechanical skills, business practices, client interactions, and more. Recording of session is included.

Case materials must be provided for my review at least 48hrs prior to our first session, including initial intake, synopsis of plans and assignments, relevant videos, etc.

This service is appropriate for:

  • Those seeking to become pet behavior consultants

  • Experienced professionals looking for more education

  • Veterinary, shelters/rescues, or other pet professional looking for behavior education

  • General advice or assistance with a particular case


  • 30min (for quick guidance, questions, etc.): $75

  • 60min (for general guidance, questions, etc.): $150

  • 90mins (for more complex cases, multiple pets etc.): $225


Coaching: Case Advisement
Advice on a specific case, for consultants AND their clients

In this virtual service, I work with both the professional who is handling the case as well as the pet owner and the pet. The goal here is not to take over the case myself but rather to guide and teach the professional who will function as the "lead" on the case. I will help you develop a plan, meet with the clients, and more.


In the 120min first session, I assess the case with both the client and the professional in attendance. I will create and review the personalized behavior modification plan, "next steps," benchmarks, and more as needed by the professional. The professional will be the one to work directly with the client on a day-to-day basis, working through the behavior plan. On-going support is available as frequently as needed.

Case materials must be provided for my review at least 48hrs prior to our first session, including initial intake, synopsis of plans and assignments, relevant videos, etc.. Please email me to discuss the case in advance of the session!

This service is appropriate for pros already working as :

  • Dog or cat behavior consultants

  • Dog or cat trainers

  • Shelter and rescue personnel


  • First Session (130mins:10 with consultant 120 with consultant AND client): $250

  • Follow-up sessions (60mins with consultant and client): $150


Sit in on one of my real, virtual cases 

For prospective or current behavior consultants looking to gain a little more experience, learn more about a particular behavior, experience virtual sessions, or simply see how my process works by "sitting in" on my real clients and discussing real cases. Scheduling depends on client permission, and case availability, sessions may last from 60 to 120mins and may be any of my client services. Your camera and mic will be muted to avoid distraction for clients but will be un-muted once the client has logged off. 



- Client/pet history to get you up to speed, emailed prior to the session

- 30min post-session debrief 




My Availability

  • Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri

  • 9am to 4pm ET


Case Advisement