Rescue & Shelter Seminars


Seminars & Workshops
$150/hr (1-4hrs)
$800/day (5-8hrs)
Dog Play Workshop
$300/hr (seminar only) ​
Includes two speakers 
Does not include expenses


  • Dog/cat body language
  • Creating and managing dog play groups
  • Dog-dog, dog-cat, cat-cat intros
  • Behavior assessments
  • Safe dog/cat handling
  • Fear, anxiety, stress, aggression
  • Problem behaviors
  • Training skills & mechanics
  • Enrichment & stress reduction
  • Any cat or dog behavior topic


  • Anywhere from 1hr to 5 days
  • Your venue or mine
  • Lecture only or hands-on workshop 
  • Online or in person
  • Audience size depends on the topic & venue
  • Customized to your needs, venue, and audience

Dog Dog Play

  • Value and impact of play
  • Obstacles and solutions
  • Safety and supervision

  • Dealing with fights

  • Safe handling

  • Dog to dog introductions

  • Reading behavior 

  • ...and more

Two days+ recommended

​Includes two speakers

Katenna Jones &

Erika Lessa of 

Cooperation Canine 

(c) 2019 Katenna Jones 

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