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RI Alliance of Humane Trainers 

The animal trainers and behavior consultants listed on this page have been vetted and confirmeby the RIAHT membership review committee as possessing and agreeing to the following

  1. possess a current certification (does not include accreditation) as awarded by an independent professional certification organization (which includes the requirements of  1) adherence to specific ethical guidelines as well as 2) maintenance of certification via ongoing education activities)

  2. possess liability insurance

  3. Offer animal training or behavior consulting services in Rhode Island

  4. Adhere to the humane hierarchy as well as LIMA-based techniques and tools 

  5. Refrain from EVER employing dominance-, alpha-, balanced-, punitive-, or aversive-based techniques or tools including but not limited to aversive tools (ex: alpha rolls, physical or verbal corrections, flooding, fear, pain, or intimidation, choke-, shock- or prong-collars), without exception.

  6. Agree and adhere to the RIAHT agreement

Our Clients

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