Scheduling Your First Appointment


  • Confirm your appointment 

    • Within 48hrs of scheduling

    • By submitting a deposit (or ​prepay in full if you prefer)

    • By completing a history for your CAT or your DOG

Prepare for Your First Session

  • To get the most out of our time, ensure other appointments or distractions won't occurr at the same time

  • Anyone is welcome to attend, including children

  • Ideal for fear or reactivity toward strangers, house soiling, most cat cases, etc.

  • Meeting on a mobile device is recommended in case I need a "tour" of your home or to see your pet

  • Prepare treats your pet LOVES (or favorite game if they prefer that to treats) prior to meeting, just in case

  • Dry bones or kibble usually won't cut it, try chicken, hotdogs, cheese, etc.

  • Ensure plenty of light and a strong internet connection

  • Learn more about what to expect

  • The Zoom meeting link will be sent to you