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Conferences & Other Venues 
Standard Speaker Fee
$75 / 30min*
$150 / hr*
$800 / day (5-8hrs)*
Online: $75 / hr*
Dog Play Workshops
Belo fees include 2 instructors
$2400 for 2 days*
$1200/additional day*
* plus expenses

Sample Event Content

  3 Day Seminar & Workshop
  • Day 1 (seminar)
    • General canine behavior​
    • Stress reduction & enrichment
  • Day 2 (dog play workshop)
    • Safe handling (hands-on)
    • Dog social behavior​
  • Day 3 (dog play workshop)
    • Dog greetings​ (hands on)
    • About making play groups
    • Making play groups (hands on)
   2 Day Seminar: General 
  • Day 1
    • Canine & feline behavior
    • Fear, stress, and anxiety
    • Stress reduction & enrichment
  • Day 2
    • Safe dog handling​ (hands-on)
    • Safe cat handling (hands-on)
    • Behavior assessments

  1 Day Seminar: Cat Specific
  • General feline behavior
  • Common cat behavior problems
  • Stress reduction & enrichment
  • Clicker training cats (hands-on)

Sample Topics

Design a seminar for: your needs,
your audience, and any length of time.
Content includes any cat or dog behavior topic, which can be tailored to or created for your specific needs. 
Popular requests include:
(*hands-on, interactive options available)
  • General dog or cat behavior
  • Dog/cat body language
  • Anxiety, fear, aggression
  • Other problem behaviors
  • Safe dog/cat handling*
  • Bite prevention*
  • Dog-dog, dog-cat, cat-cat intros*
  • Pets and babies/kids
  • Behavior assessments*
  • Training skills & mechanics*
  • Enrichment & stress reduction
  • General dog play/social info (see Dog Play Workshops for in-depth, interactive event)
  • Don't see what you want? Just ask!


  • In-person
  • Online
  • At your venue
  • At my venue
  • Lecture only
  • Hands-on workshops


  • Customized to group needs
  • Tailored to audience & venue
  • From 30mins to 5 days



  • Cat only
  • Dog only
  • Both cat and dog

Dog Play Workshops

This two day, interactive workshop is taught by two dog play experts and includes hands-on work with your dogs plus presentation on:
  • Reading social and play behavior
  • Value and impact of play

  • Obstacles and solutions

  • Safety and supervision

  • Managing group play

  • Dealing with fights

  • Safe handling

  • Dog to dog introductions

  • Reading behavior 

     ...And more

  • Includes lecture & hands-on
  • At your facility, with your dogs
  • Two days included
  • Additional days can be added
  • ​Includes two speakers

    • Katenna Jones

    • Erika Lessa 

About RARF

Ryan Animal Rescue Foundation
partners with animal welfare organizations to promote adoption and offer grants and educational opportunities to better the lives of animals.
RARF was founded in 2017 by Logan Ryan (professional football cornerback
for the TN Titans and formerly the NE Patriots) and Ashley Ryan (worked in rescue for 5+yrs, certified dog trainer and owner of Ryan Canine Consulting).
Professional Development Grants
funding to non-profit animal welfare organizations for workshops, seminars and other educational programs offered by Jones Animal Behavior.  

Rescues & Shelters: 

Apply for Grant Support!



Save lives
  • Problem behavior is leading reason for euthanasia
  • Clinics are often first point of contact for owners
  • Early intervention significantly increases chances of successful resolution
Happier, safer staff
  • Reduce stress for staff and pets
  • Reduce bites and scratches among staff
  • Behavior is consistently one of the most popular tech education topics
Better service
  • Behavior plays a critical role in monitoring and assessing health
  • Knowledge of common behavior problems is a vital public resource
  • Owner trust and satisfaction can increase retention and referrals
  • Consider becoming a Fear Free Practice

Pricing & Details

  • $150 / hr 
  • $225 / 90mins 
  • Includes creation and presentation of content, with attendee Q & A
  • Includes 1hr round trip travel 
  • Multi-hour events include breaks as appropriate 
  • At least one hour is needed for beneficial content and opportunity for staff Q&A
  • Up to a max total of 6hrs per day
  • Projector provided by request
  • Additional expenses, travel, or accommodation may be needed, depending on distance
Location Options
  • Your clinic
  • My venue
  • Another venue

Sample Topics

Any of the following topics can be covered in 1 to 1.5hrs.
Choose any 1 topic to be covered in detail or any 2 topics to be covered more generally and with less detail.
  • Reading Cat & Dog Body Language (Focuses on fear, anxiety, stress)
  • Understanding Cat Communication (physical, chemical, and vocal)
  • Understanding Dog Communication (physical, chemical, and vocal)
  • Safe Handling & Bite Prevention
  • The Owner's Role in Fear Free Visits
  • Setting Up for Fear Free Visits
  • Fear Free Exams & Procedures
  • Dealing With Common Behavior Problems (TBD by host)
  • Enrichment & Stress Reduction for Boarding Pets
Don't see what you want?
Just ask!


"Don't worry, he's fine."
"She doesn't bite."
Professionals encountering dogs during the course of their jobs hear this all of the time. Many are already afraid after personally encountering aggression while others have heard horror stories from coworkers. Sometimes the dog may actually be fine but sometimes not. Usually they are good dogs who are simply responding to something they don't understand. 
Dog bites aren't good for anyone and, almost always, the situation could have been prevented. Learn how to keep everyone safe with informative, fun, interactive staff training.

Pricing & Details

  • $225 (1.5hrs)
  • Includes customization to your audience, presentation, attendee Q & A, and 1hr round trip travel 
  • Additional expenses and  travel, or may apply depending on distance
  • Understanding dog body language
  • Recognizing the impact of your body language
  • Proactive bite prevention
  • What to do and not do during a bite or attack
  • Common mistakes that often increase danger
  • Dealing with the dog owner
Details and Scheduling

Appropriate For

  • Mail carriers & delivery people
  • Utility & maintenance workers
  • Sales professionals
  • Realtors
  • Housekeepers
  • In-home service & care providers
  • Inspectors, contractors
  • Law enforcement
  • Child services, foster families
  • Salespeople 
  • Animal shelter staff & volunteers
  • Animal control officers
  • Dog walkers, daycare staff
  • Pet sitters, groomers, other pet care providers
  • Veterinary professionals
  • Anyone working with dogs
  • Anyone entering a dog's home or yard for any reason
  • Anyone who may encounter dogs in the course of their jobs
Cat Walking

What Attendees Are Saying

Katenna Jones on the Bitey End of the [Dog podcast] reinvigorated the 2 dogs/2 cats client to work more with the cat chaser and start focusing on training the cats too. They had been resistant to working with the cat skills.

~Student of Aggression in Dogs Master Course

(c) 2020 Katenna Jones 

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