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Upcoming Events

Coming Soon!

Feline Elimination Master Course

  • Everything you need to know about elimination outside the box

  • Currently, under construction

  • Get notified when it is ready


Canine Muzzling Course

  • From choosing to training, this course will get everyone ready to muzzle train their dog

  • Currently, under construction

Hosted By Others


Cat Behavior Consulting Mentorship

  • First-ever in the industry!

  • 8wks guided online discussion, sample cases, homework, and more

  • Hosted by IAABC

  • See upcoming dates under "Hosted by Others" on this page or here


Feline Behavior Solutions

  • 5wks training real cats

  • Mechanics, strategies, applications, and more  

  • Appropriate for cat lovers and pros

  • Hosted by IAABC

  • See upcoming dates under "Hosted by Others" on this page or here

What Attendees Are Saying

Katenna is an amazing teacher. Extremely knowledgeable and willing to help. Her teaching style makes learning easy and fun.

~ IAABC Feline Behavior Mentorship Student

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