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Brain Games

Paxton works on overcoming his nervousness with the box. Brain games builds confidence, body awareness, and dog-owner comunication.

Desensitizing to Harness

Honey gets used to being on a harness. Her mom wants her to be able to go outside.

Taking Treats Gently

Lucky works on taking treats with a gentle mouth. She was taking treats very roughly and breaking skin. Within this session, it was resolved.


Reba learns confidence by going through a tight space without her mom to guide her. 

Brain Games

Nala learns to jump into a box. Brain games builds confidence, body awareness, and dog-owner comunication.

Go to Place

Owen works on going to his box on comand. He was biting his owners in aggressive play, so is learning to "go to place" on command - rather than biting.

Leash Walking

Honey and Marie going for a walk! Honey was being very destructive in the house (breaking blinds, shredding papertowels, opening drawers and cupboards). We addressed that in one session, and Marie had so much fun, she wanted to get Honey ouside for a leash walk!

Day Training

I train pets when owners aren't home! Honey had a few bad grooming experiences, and was growling, hissing, and swatting at guests or when being pet. We work together on petting while mom's on vacation. This video shows some of the things we did over time.


Roxie works on down-stay, so she can stay away from the baby during mealtimes.

Desensitizing to Bath

Foster puppy Lucy gets used to baths. She had demodex mange and required frequent, long bath sessions so we wanted it to be an enjoyable experience. 

Brain Games

Leo learns to unroll a mat. This is a fun game for him, since he is afraid of slippery surfaces after having ACL surgery. Brain games builds confidence, body awareness, and dog-owner comunication.

Learning Stairs

Solomon didn't like being picked up to go down the stairs to go outside at night (daytime he's fine). Cowers, wide eyes, growls, bares teeth. Instead of forcing him or making him ok with being picked up, we made him ok with the stairs! This is his first time ever going up and down the entire flight. 

Desensitizing to Dogs

Amber used to bark and lunge at dogs from a distance. Here she learns to approach calmly and focus on mom!

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