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​My Approach
  • Is scientifically sound, replicable, and reliable
  • Is Least Invasive, Minimally Aversive (LIMA)
  • Is effective in any species from apes to ants
  • Should be enjoyable for owners AND pets
  • Will never include fear, pain, force or intimidation
  • Requires me to pursue continuing education
Tips for Choosing a Pro


​What to Expect from Me
I Promise To
  • Serve as your trusted adviser
  • Say what's needed, even if it's not what you want to hear
  • Tell you if we can't go further
  • Refer to someone better if needed 
  • Tailor to your lifestyle and goals, but within your pets' abilities
  • Put the emotional and physical well-being of humans and pets first and human desires come after
No Judgement
  • Never feel judged about your pet, lifestyle, housekeeping, or collection of 2000 unicorns
  • If you don't care if your dog is on the table, then I don't care either! (unless it pertains to the training at hand)
  • Our sessions are a safe place and your information is confidential
  • I'm known for my humor
  • Lack of laughter is very rare
  • Everyone should have fun, especially pets
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