my approach

My Approach
  • This should be enjoyable for owners AND pets
  • No animal should endure fear or pain as “training”
  • In scientifically sound, replicable, reliable methods
  • Techniques effective in any species from apes to ants
  • Continuing education
Choosing a Pro

About Dominance Training​
Rather than viewing a wolf pack as a group of animals organized with a “top dog” that fought its way to the top, or a male-female pair of such aggressive wolves, science has come to understand that most wolf packs are merely family groups formed exactly the same way as human families are formed. ~ David Mech
I will Always Provide
  • Serve as trusted adviser
  • What's needed, not necessarily what's wanted
  • Tell you if we can't go further
  • Refer to someone better if needed 
Realistic Expectations.
  • Until satisfied or no more improvement, whichever's 1st 
  • Tailored to lifestyle and goals, but within pet abilities
No Judgement.
  • Never feel judged about your pet, lifestyle, house keeping, or collection of 2000 unicorns
  • If you don't care if your dog's on the table, then I don't care - unless it pertains to training
  • Known for humor
  • No laughter is very rare
  • Everyone should have fun, especially pets

(c) 2019 Katenna Jones 

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