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Did You Know?
  • Anyone can call themselves a Behaviorist, Behavior Specialist, Behavior Expert, Dog Trainer, Head Trainer, Training Specialist, Consultant, Lead Consultant, Instructor, etc.
  • Zero education, qualifications, training, experience or skill is required
  • Anyone can accept payment for even advanced aggression cases
Types of Pros
  • Typically work on manners, learning new skills, etc.
  • Many also address basic behavior concerns such as house training or unwanted chewing
  • Trainer locator
Behaviorists / Consultants
Veterinary Behaviorists
  • Vets who have completed residency or training in behavioral medicine
  • Are able to determine if there is a medical component to behavior concerns
  • Can determine when or if behavioral medication(s) might be appropriate
  • Are experienced in choosing a medication best suited to a pet's concerning behavior
  • Veterinary Behaviorist Locator
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