Choosing a pro

Did you know?
  • Anyone can call themselves a Behaviorist, Behavior Specialist, Behavior Expert, Dog Trainer, Head Trainer, Training Specialist, Consultant, Lead Consultant, Instructor, etc.?
  • Absolutely no education, qualifications, training, or experience whatsoever is required to charge for working with any behavior problem or training need?

Buyer Beware

Before Hiring Anyone
(including me!) Educate yourself.
Choosing a Pro

  • Choose wisely

  • Gather information

  • Check out Fetching the Perfect Dog Trainer

  • Paperback or ebook

  • Nominated for Maxwell Medallion by the Dog Writers Association of America

Choosing Your Pro

  • Typically work on manners, learning new skills, etc.
  • Many also address basic behavior concerns such as house training or unwanted chewing
  • Trainer locator
Behaviorist / Consultant
  • Typically educated in behavior modification and learning theory
  • Modify existing, unwanted behaviors
  • Some are also trainers
What is an Applied Animal Behaviorist?
Applied Animal Behaviorist locator
Animal Behavior Consultant locator
Veterinary Behaviorists
  • Vets who have completed residency or training in behavioral medicine
  • Are able to determine if there is a medical component to behavior concerns
  • Can determine when or if behavioral medication(s) might be appropriate
  • Are experienced in choosing a medication best suited to a pet's concerning behavior
Veterinary Behaviorist locator

Types of Pros

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