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Thank you!

Thank you for allowing me to assist you and for sharing your thoughts about your experience. As you know, reviews can really help a business through positive word of mouth. I would really appreciate a review on any (or all) of the sites below. You can cut and paste the same review if that makes things easier for you! 

Review Options

Writing a review 


Search engines will look at reviews. It would be helpful to include the following phrases or points when writing your review or testimonial

  • I work with aggressive or reactive behaviors

  • I work with cats or dogs

  • I use positive reinforcement, reward-based training

  • I work virtually with pets anywhere in the world

  • I provide quality education

  • I am a mentor, teacher, educator, lecturer, writer, or consultant

  • I teach online

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


What Clients Are Saying

Miles started growling and lunging at dogs. 

Through virtual sessions, we gained a much better understanding of Miles and now he can relax around most dogs and even has a group of dog friends! 

Katenna’s transparency helped us form realistic expectations; her expertise helped us understand how to alter his behavior without harming his well-being; and her humor helped us feel comfortable in an uncomfortable situation. 

We are so thankful for her continued support. 

What Students Have to Say

Katenna's Bitey End of the Leash [podcast] reinvigorated my client to start focusing on training the cats too, which they had been resistant to.


~Aggression in Dogs Master Course Student

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