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Euthanasia Resources


Behavior Euthanasia Resources

I've seen dogs bred for generations and trained from birth to fight to the death, end up living in harmony with other dogs, cats, birds, and children. I've seen well-bred pets, properly reared and trained in loving homes, grow up to become incredibly dangerous. Behavior is just not as simple as " I'd all in how you raise them". Sometimes even though we do everything right, pets can still develop serious behavior problems.

Euthanasia is something that most pet owners are familiar with, but typically in association with physical concerns like extreme pain or untreatable disease. Behavior euthanasia (BE), on the other hand, is far more complicated. There are no blood tests, no Xrays, no diagnostics to definitively know how dangerous the situation is or the prognosis, and there is no cure. Behavioral euthanasia can be one of the most devastating and difficult decisions pet owner will ever have to face and you should never have to do it alone. Below are a few resources to help in this incredibly difficult time.



Behavior Euthanasia services

There are no blood tests, no Xrays, no diagnostics to definitively know h when behavioral euthanasia is appropriate. However, there is behavioral information that can help you decide. And I can help you find it.


  • Up to 2hrs

  • Virtual service only

  • Cats and/or dogs, multi or single pet homes

  • ​No need to make the decision alone - I've guided many families over 20yrs and have also made the decision with my own dog, Shadow

  • Review factors including quality of life, safety, risks, liabilities, other options, etc.

  • Talk openly, confidentially and free of judgement 

  • Ask any questions, such as how to handle the final days, talking to children, helping other pets grieve, logistics of the process, etc.

  • Does NOT include recordings of virtual sessions, handouts, written notes, summaries, etc.

  • Learn more




  • Virtual: $245​

    • ​Includes $75 no-show/late cancellation fee and session recording
    • Schedule

Work Sessions


What are your hours? Are you available nights and weekends?
Brown Dog

Mon to Fri, 9am to 4pm ET depending on the service. Please ensure our scheduled are compatible!

If you require evening or weekend hours, I am happy to refer.

Why are you so much more expensive than other trainers?

My work is almost exclusively behavior consultation, not training. All services include a Master's Degree, twenty years' professional experience, multiple certifications, memberships, continuing education, and knowledge of how cats, dogs, and humans think and learn. 

What are your cancellation policies?
Image by Clément Falize

Deposit and history are required to secure your appointment. Missed and cancelled sessions with less than 48hrs notice may result in loss of deposit. Inclement weather, illness, etc. will not impact your deposit​.

How will I know if you can cure my pet?

There is no "cure" when it comes to behavior. Behavior develops via a combo of learning, genetics, etc. so cannot be erased or removed. Instead, your pet will learn to make different choices, trust you, and more.

How can a virtual session possibly work?
Dalmatian Dog

Cases begin by identifying and addressing contributing factors, laying foundational training, 

changing your behavior, etc. I rarely have to be in the room to get started and, in fact, can often resolve the case without ever meeting in person!

Do you take pet insurance?
dog in stripped shirt


Yes! If your policy covers behavior modification from a "Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist" you can be reimbursed !

What can I expect in the first session?
Orange Tabby Cat

To get the most out of our time, avoid other appointments or distractions. Others are welcome to attend, including children

Prepare rewards your pet LOVES, just in case. In virtual sessions, portability is recommended in case I need a "tour" or to see your pet

My trainer told me cookies won't work for my dog and that I need to be the alpha. Is that true?
Bone Cookies

No, no one should use alpha or dominance based training - it's been known to be ineffective, confusing, and damaging in the 80s.  Learn more hereMy approach isn't a trendy, new, touchy-feely gimic. It is supported by published research as effective and humane. If it works for a gorilla, it'll work for your dog.

Don't you need to see the behavior in action in order to address it?
Grey Kitten

When it comes to fear, aggression, and some other behaviors the answer is no! In fact, if your pet becomes too upset during our session, their brain will not be able to process much at all. My job is to keep your pet "under threshold" so they are equipped to learn.

Why can't we meet in person?
Image by Cristofer Maximilian

Unfortunately, I recently suffered a stroke and am currently not able to drive and have limited energy. Further, I am decreasing how much time I spend working and spending more time enjoying life.

Why do you communicate and schedule via email only? Can't we talk on the phone?
Serious Kitten

I correspond via email due to schedule constraints and to accommodate more clients more efficiently. This also allows a written record of what was discussed. Texting and phone calls are available to existing clients. If you are uncertain about whether to work on your pet's behavior concerns, Case Reviews are a great option.

How many sessions will I need?
Cat on a Soft Blanket

Few issues are resolved in one session. Resolution depends on many factors such as severity, frequency of training

motivation, health, the family, and much more.

I am not sure if I can or should try to address my pet's problem. Do I still need an 
Husky Close Up

If you're not sure you can or should work on any behavior, a Case Review or even Euthanasia Support are helpful to getting enough information to help you decide.

Why should I care about finding certified professionals?
Cookapoo Dog
I think I need to euthanize my pet but am afraid I'm making a mistake. Can you help?
Image by Max Baskakov


Yes! I offer behavioral euthanasia counseling for exactly this reason. I will talk you through options, the decision, the process, the grief, or anything you need - free of judgement. This decision is a difficult one, but you don't have to make it alone.

Client Feedback

What Clients Are Saying

Miles started growling and lunging at dogs. 

Through virtual sessions, we gained a much better understanding of Miles and now he can relax around most dogs and even has a group of dog friends! 

Katenna’s transparency helped us form realistic expectations; her expertise helped us understand how to alter his behavior without harming his well-being; and her humor helped us feel comfortable in an uncomfortable situation. 

We are so thankful for her continued support. 

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