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After several months, my very anxious adopted dog Boo urinated all over herself and the floor when she ran into the hallway "dead end." Boo would not come within 5 feet of me, take treats, trembled just looking at us, and spent most of her time on the stairwell, positioned to run at a moments notice. Katenna came to my home and I followed her plan knowing it was going to be a process, and was rewarded with consistent results. Prior to working with Katenna I felt so hopeless, worried I would never be able to help Boo feel at home. While we still have a way to go my Boo will now run excitedly to me every morning for pets and loves leg messages! Katenna is so genuinely invested in the outcome and the well being of the pets she works with and her genuine nature and honest approach instills a sense of trust. As long as you are realistic in your expectations and willing to put in the work daily, Katenna can help you and your pet reach a happier place! Katenna has my never ending appreciation in helping me help my four-legged friend have a home and not just a new house. ~Jessie, Carver MA


Katenna helped us resolve issues with a problem cat. She has a sensitive and practical approach with much knowledge to back it up. I highly recommend her! ~Lori Diamand, Wrentham, MA

Minutes after Katenna entered our and introduced herself to our puppy Norma Jean I new we were in capable hands. It would give me great pleasure to recommend her as a trainer. ~Tom and Eileen, Warwick RI

My cat and I are so much happier! ~Marie, Greenville

Katenna came to my house to work with my dog was was barking and aggressive toward delivery people. After a couple hours, we were on the right track! Penny is like a new, different dog! I highly recommend her for all training needs! ~Cat Holly, Charlestown RI

THANK YOU KATENNA for helping us to find the really right match for our household. I hope that more people make the investment in engaging a professional to assess potential adoptees. It can be the difference between success and failure in forming a human/dog pack! ~Denise Konicek, Winchester MA

We worked on resource guarding with my golden retriever. The best part of our experience?? Katenna’s honesty from the minute we met throughout our work with us. Her unconditional support and compassion, her BELIEF that things could be better if we gave 100% – without promising any short-term miracle cures. Her flexibility, her knowledge, skills, and ability to make them user-friendly and individually tailored to our (and our dog’s) needs. Her encouragement and enthusiasm and sheer joy for the successes (as small as they were at times), and her openness to our suggestions. She doesn’t scold us or make us feel like we are bad parents. She is 150% supportive – ALWAYS! ~ Cheryl Freeman

We worked on fearful aggression, leash reactivity and general mayham with my American Bulldog! Crumpet is a much better dog and her earful aggression is greatly dimiished. ~ Ginger, Riverside RI

We worked on dog on dog aggression and extreme behavior issues with my pit bull/boxer. My dog has a LOT of issues and Katenna’s patience with ME and my dog was incredible!! Katenna is always available for questions even when our sessions were over. I would recommend Katenna to EVERYONE! ~ Connie Bolduc, Clay RI


We worked on severe fights between our two mastiffs. Not only did I receive excellent care, but feel as though I have made a friend in this difficult process. Katenna was always helpful and accommodating. Now that I know how to “speak dog” I understand what is goes on in their heads and can better deal with situations.~ Susan, North Providence, RI


I recently took Henry to the vet for the first time since I’ve been working with Katenna. The vet was simply amazed at what a different dog Henry has become. Katenna is responsive, helpful, and always available over email, the phone, or in person. She takes a multi-pronged approach: through medication, training me to help Henry, and desensitizing Henry – I now have a new dog I can happily live with. I am so grateful for her care and compassion and intelligence. She is simply the best.~ Loraine, Pawtucket RI


We adopted Bosco as a puppy. His issues of trust are still there, but he is better. We are aware of his issues so we watch him around other people and know his behavior is out of fear only. We love him more and more every day. We might have given up the best dog in the world if it wasn’t for Katenna! Thank you! ~ Lynn


Katenna really knows her stuff! She put her finger on the problem immediately! ~ Michelle


Everything was helpful and Katenna is a real professional. She showed how caring she is when it comes to people and animals. I can’t thank her enough for all of her help and concern. Fantasia is going MUCH better! ~ Debra


Katenna gave me hope! ~ Lisa


We implemented so many of her suggestions right away - great staff training! ~ Portsmouth Veterinary Hospital


My dog's separation anxiety was severe, to say the least. I asked Katenna for help and she created a simple training program for us to follow, and explained to us why each step was important, even if it seemed irrelevant. Within two weeks, Marko was going into the crate on his own, getting comfortable and causing no fuss. The change was unbelievable and really a relief. Katenna's care for both his well-being and our sanity has resulted in us having a fantastic little guy with us who is a best friend for our other dog and we can't imagine not having him as part of our family. ~ Simone


I worked at American Humane Association with Katenna. I was the Training Manager. I was so excited when I discovered that she believed in humane training methods that are based in scientific research. Furthermore, she had a strong foundation in animal welfare. To top it off, she was realistic, professional and great with the owners. Katenna is the whole package! I am honored to have worked with her. She is not only a fantastic trainer, but and all round wonderful human being too. ~Karen


I learned so much that I didn't know I didn't know, like when to push the dog in a fight or that has ahold of you instead of pulling. Katenna did a great job! ~ Pet Sitters International Online Conference attendee


Very good speaker, enjoyed hearing about not only walking safety, but also dog behavior and learning how to read it. ~ Pet Sitters International Online Conference attendee


The presenter did an excellent job. For pet care providers relatively new in our business, her advice and illustrations were spot on. Even for those like myself, in the business 15+ years, it was a good refresher and a good confirmation that our skills are the way to keep our fur clients safe. ~ Pet Sitters International Online Conference attendee

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