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  • Shelter, Rescue, Municipal Organizations
  • Veterinary Personnel
  • Walkers, Sitters, Daycare, Other Pet Care Providers
  • Utility, Delivery, Police, Maintenance, Home Care, Other Home Services
  • Or anyone Who Encounters or May Encounter Pets While Working

Dog Play

  • Importance, value, & impact of play
  • Reading an understanding dog, social, and play behavior
  • Dog to dog introductions, group play management, and safety


$75 / 30min 
$150 / hr 
$700 / Day 
Online: $75 / hr 
Plus expenses
Rescues & Shelters
See if you're eligible for
grant support from 
Ryan Animal Rescue Foundation!


  • Anxiety, Fear, Aggression
  • General Dog or Cat Behavior
  • Dog Play, Introducing Pets
  • Safe Handling, Bite Prevention
  • ...And More


  • In-person
  • Online
  • At your venue
  • At my venue
  • Lecture only
  • Hands-on workshops


  • Customized to Group Needs
  • Tailored to Audience & Venue
  • From 30mins to 5 Days+

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