Educational Events


Have Katenna speak as part of your existing event, or plan a custom event with her.


Schedule of upcoming online an in-person events where Katenna will be speaking.


Online, self-paced behavior courses available only through Jones Animal Behavior.


Previously recorded webinars, available on demand through a variety of hosts.


Have Katenna Speak


Speaking at Your Event
  • Customary speaker fee
Plan Your Own Event
  • $75 / 30min*
  • $150 / hr*
  • $800 / day (5-8hrs)*
  • Online: $75 / hr*
Dog Play Workshops
  • $2400 (2 instructors for 2 days)*
  • $1200 / additional day*
* Plus expenses
Ryan Animal Rescue Foundation
  • Professional Development Grants
  • Founded in 2017 by Logan Ryan (NFL cornerback) and Ashley Ryan (animal lover and dog trainer)
  • Supporting animal welfare organizations in adoption and educational opportunities to better the lives of animals
  • For non-profit animal welfare organizations looking for education


Popular Topics
Seminar or interactive options available
  • General dog or cat behavior
  • Anxiety, fear, aggression
  • Other problem behaviors
  • Safe dog/cat handling
  • Bite prevention
  • Dog-dog, dog-cat, cat-cat intros
  • Pets and babies/kids
  • Behavior assessments
  • Training skills & mechanics
  • Enrichment & stress reduction
  • General dog play/social behavior
  • ...or any cat or dog behavior topic
Don't see what you want?
Multi-Day Dog Play Workshops
Interactive workshop includes 2 instructors
  • Social and play behavior
  • Implementation & management

  • Safe handling & breaking up fights

     ...And more

  • At your facility, with your dogs
  • Additional days can be added
  • Taught by Katenna and Erika Lessa


  • In-person
  • Online
  • At your venue
  • At my venue
  • Lecture only
  • Hands-on workshops


  • Customized to group needs
  • Tailored to audience & venue
  • From 30mins to 5 days


  • Trainers & consultants
  • Shelters & rescues
  • Veterinary staff
  • Professionals at risk of dog bites
  • ...or anyone interested!

Online Courses


Feline Inappropriate Elimination Master Course

Coming Soon!

  • Everything you need to know about elimination outside the box

  • Currently, in "beta launch" phase!

  • Get notified when it is ready

Muzzle Training Course

Coming Soon!

  • Learn how to train dogs to be comfortable and happy in a muzzle

  • Tips and tricks

  • Muzzle styles

  • Resource guarding considerations

  • and more!


Upcoming Events

Cat Walking

What Attendees Are Saying

Katenna Jones on the Bitey End of the [Dog podcast] reinvigorated the 2 dogs/2 cats client to work more with the cat chaser and start focusing on training the cats too. They had been resistant to working with the cat skills.

~Student of Aggression in Dogs Master Course

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