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Service details.

Virtual Assessments assist with any cat or dog behavior concerns.

Short virtual session to help you decide if your case is something you can handle. 

Step-by-step behavior guidance that occur after your assessment.

Virtual discussion of and support in making the difficult decision of behavior euthanasia.



Step-by-step guidance for addressing your pets' concerning behaviors.

  • After 20 yrs, I have recently retired from in-person services and now offer virtual consults only

  • Rates apply to cats and/or dogs

  • Don't struggle on your own or try to navigate your case's individual speed bumps and obstacles, let me guide you through the process from the pet side while providing emotional support and self-care strategies for the human side of things

  • See my credentials

  • Contact me with questions 

  • I may refer you to another consultant whose process is a better fit (such as in cases where I believe working one on one in person would be a better fit)

  • Scroll down to see service options

Separation Anxiety (SA)?

I do not see SA cases.

Please reach out to either of the following who specialize in and take only SA cases:


Full Behavior Assessment (2hrs)

  • Typically 2hrs 

  • Virtual service only

  • Cats or dogs, any behavior problem or training need

  • Ideal for owners, potential adopters, rescues and shelters, etc.

  • Discuss pets' behaviors, severity, safety concerns, prognosis, timeline, options, and more

  • Learn the motivation behind pets' behaviors and how to improve them

  • I can help with

    • Cat / dog to cat / dog interactions​ / introductions / relationships

    • Aggression toward animals / strangers / family members

    • Fear, shyness, trauma, anxiety (except canine separation anxiety)

    • Resource guarding

    • Aggression

    • Petting aggression

    • Aggression at the vet / groomer 

Rates: $295

  • Schedule​

  • Rates include session recording and handouts, a 30min virtual follow-up session, and $50 no-show/late cancelation deposit


Quick Consult (1hr)

Learn about severity, safety and commitment needs to assess if this is something you can handle. 

  • Typically 1hr

  • Ideal for owners, potential adopters, rescues and shelters, etc.

  • Designed for anyone uncertain whether they can or should proceed, are wondering about severity and prognosis, or are looking for second opinions

  • Review what is going on and why

  • Does NOT include detailed advice, or behavior modification plan

  • May be extended into a Full Behavior Assessment in order to receive mod plan


  • includes Session recording and $50 no-show/late cancellation deposit and

  • Schedule 


Work Sessions (1hr)

Work Sessions 

In most cases, multiple work sessions are needed in order to see meaningful results.

  • Typically ~1hr

  • Take place AFTER an Assessment

  • Most cases require multiple work sessions to see meaningful improvement

  • Where most of the "work" gets done



  • Virtual: 

    • Schedule the free 30min session, included with your 2hr Assessment.
    • 30min (for quick guidance, questions, etc.): $100
    • 60min (for general guidance, questions, etc.): $150 

    • 90mins (for more complex cases, multiple pets etc.): $250

    • Schedule

    • Includes session recording, & $50 no-show/late cancelation deposit

  • Typically 1.5hrs

  • ​No need to make the decision alone - I've guided many families over 20yrs and have also made the decision with my own dog, Shadow

  • Review factors including quality of life, safety, risks, liabilities, other options, etc.

  • Talk openly, confidentially, and free of judgment 

  • Ask any questions, such as how to handle the final days, talking to children, helping other pets grieve, logistics of the process, etc.

  • Does NOT include recordings of virtual sessions, handouts, written notes, summaries, etc.

  • Learn more



Rates: $250

  • Includes session recording​ & $50 no-show/late cancellation desposit

  • Schedule

Work Sessions


What are your hours? Are you available nights and weekends?
Brown Dog

Mon to Fri, 9am to 4pm ET depending on the service. Please ensure our scheduled are compatible!

If you require evening or weekend hours, I am happy to refer.

How can a virtual session possibly work?
Dalmatian Dog

Cases begin by identifying and addressing contributing factors, laying foundational training, 

changing your behavior, etc. I rarely have to be in the room to get started and, in fact, can often resolve the case without ever meeting in person!

How will I know if you can cure my pet?

There is no "cure" when it comes to behavior. Behavior develops via a combo of learning, genetics, etc. so cannot be erased or removed. Instead, your pet will learn to make different choices, trust you, and more.

What are your cancellation policies?
Image by Clément Falize

Deposit and history are required to secure your appointment. Missed and cancelled sessions with less than 48hrs notice may result in loss of deposit. Inclement weather, illness, etc. will not impact your deposit​.

Do you take pet insurance?
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