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About all Services

Step-by-step guidance on any concerning behaviors from your cat(s) and/or dog(s).

Don't struggle on your own or try to navigate your case's individual speed bumps and obstacles. Let me guide you through the process from the pet side while providing emotional support and self-care strategies for the human side of things​.

Your pet insurance may cover your sessions.


Quick Consult

Rate: $195 

  • Weekdays

  • 9am - 6pmEST

  • Up to 1hr

  • For those uncertain whether they can or should keep their pet due to severity or safety issues 

  • Discussion of options, such as proceeding, rehoming and/or behavioral euthanasia

  • Note, the session only reviews IF you want to proceed, not HOW

  • Can be extended into a Full Behavior Assessment with a treatment plan

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Dog Pet


In more complex cases, or where extra support is needed between sessions, "Retainers" are available. Conversely, these can be helpful for those who want to take a stab on their know, knowing they have support as needed.


Light Retainer:

  • $125/ month

  • One 30min virtual session per month

  • and two or three emails/texts per week

  • Includes session recordings

Standard Retainer

  • $195mo

  • One 20min virtual session per week

  • Unlimited email & text support

  • Includes session recordings

Cat in a Green Vest

Cat Calls


  • Sundays @1pm EST

  • Cat Calls is a “free” behavior consulting service for owners struggling with their cats’ behavior.

  • Details or to sign up


Licking Cat

Behavior Assessment

Virtual:​ $295

  • Weekdays 

  • 9am - 5pm EST

  • Includes up to 2 hours, session recording, relevant handouts, and a 30min follow-up session

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In-Person: $395

Coming Soon!

  • Weekdays

  • 10am - 4pm

  • Includes up to 2 hrs in your home, 30 mins travel each way, relevant handout, and a 30min virtual follow-up session

Contact me to Schedule

Cat Cuddles

Follow-Up Options

In most cases, multiple work sessions are needed to see meaningful results, following your assessment. The following are designed for us to work together, one-on-one to more quickly progress through and perfect the behavior modification your pet needs.


  • 20min: $100

  • 60min: $150 

  • 90mins: $175

  • Weekdays, 9am - 6pm EST

  • Includes session recording, relevant handouts​, and one or two emails/texts per week

Click here to schedule


  • 60min: $150 

  • 90mins: $175

  • Weekdays, 10am - 4pm EST

  • Includes travel both ways​ and one or two emails/texts per week

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Obedience Training

Pet Insurance Coverage

  • Many pet insurance policies have the option to add coverage for addressing behavior problems

  • Contact your provider to see if you have coverage

  • Confirm they cover services provided by "a CAAB"

  • If so, you will be reimbursed for most or all of our sessions!


What Clients Are Saying

Miles started growling and lunging at dogs. 

Through virtual sessions, we gained a much better understanding of Miles and now he can relax around most dogs and even has a group of dog friends! 

Katenna’s transparency helped us form realistic expectations; her expertise helped us understand how to alter his behavior without harming his well-being; and her humor helped us feel comfortable in an uncomfortable situation. 

We are so thankful for her continued support. 

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