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Moving to Syracuse NY Fall 2024


New to the Area

  • I grew up in Lowville NY

  • I moved to Rhode Island in 2001 to attend graduate school and developed a successful career there

  • I am moving back to Northern NY in the summer of 2024 to be closer to family


Resource cross-pollination

  • I am re-establishing my business in a new area, so would love the opportunity to get to know other pet professionals

  • I would be happy to serve as a resource to you however I can

  • I would also love to have trusted area resources of my own to share with potential new clients

  • Please review my credentials here


Meet Ups

Get to Know Each Other

  • I was very heavily networked throughout all of Rhode Island and much of New England

  • I would love the opportunity to get to know any area pet pros (dog trainers,  vet pros, groomers, walkers, sitters, etc.)

  • Especially as I explore my new community

  • I would also love the opportunity to Introduce myself and see how I can support you

  • Let's meet up for a snack, coffee, or whatever

  • Let's discuss philosophies, approaches, specialties, and more

Coffee Break

FREE Seminars

Did you receive a Postcard and Want to set Something Up?

(even if you didn't, I'm still happy to network!)


FREE 1hr event for:

  • Vet hospitals or clinics

  • Rescues, shelters, or Animal Control Agencies

  • Any area pet organization or business with multiple staff and/or volunteers as well as a physical location to hold the event


  • Location must be within one hour travel of Downtown Syracuse

  • Event must occur before the end of 2025

  • Fill out the form below to get started! (this form is not an agreement! Final details, such as topic, attendees, location, etc. will be finalized over email)


Topic Options

  • Understanding Dog Behavior

  • Understanding Cat Behavior

  • Bite Prevention

  • Stress reduction

  • Dealing with Common Cat Behavior Problems

  • Dealing with Common Dog Behaviors

  • Helping Fearful pets

  • ANY cat or dog behavior-related topic you would like

Interested in a Free Seminar?
Please describe your organization
Which seminar topics are you interested in? (check all that apply)
How Long Would You Like Your Seminar to Last?
How did you hear about my free seminar?

Thanks for signing up. I'll be in touch soon!!

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