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About RARF
Assessment and behavior modification plan development and implementation support for pets currently in the care of a shelter or rescue.

Virtual support for adopters experiencing behavior concerns and training needs with recently adopted pets.

Professional development workshops and seminars for staff and volunteers.

Evaluation,  recommendations and support to ensure all behavior-related operations are as effective as possible




  • Services for Ryan Animal Rescue




  • Virtual: 

  • In-person: 


Behavior Audit


  • Virtual: 

    • Audit
    • mod plan
    • follow support
  • In-person: 

    • Audit

    • Bmod plan

    • follow support



What are your hours? Are you available nights and weekends?
Brown Dog

Mon to Fri, 9am to 4pm ET depending on the service. Please ensure our scheduled are compatible!

If you require evening or weekend hours, I am happy to refer.

How can a virtual session possibly work?
Dalmatian Dog

Cases begin by identifying and addressing contributing factors, laying foundational training, 

changing your behavior, etc. I rarely have to be in the room to get started and, in fact, can often resolve the case without ever meeting in person!

How will I know if you can cure my pet?

There is no "cure" when it comes to behavior. Behavior develops via a combo of learning, genetics, etc. so cannot be erased or removed. Instead, your pet will learn to make different choices, trust you, and more.

What are your cancellation policies?
Image by Clément Falize

Deposit and history are required to secure your appointment. Missed and cancelled sessions with less than 48hrs notice may result in loss of deposit. Inclement weather, illness, etc. will not impact your deposit​.

Do you take pet insurance?
dog in stripped shirt


Yes! If your policy covers behavior modification from a "Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist" you can be reimbursed !

Why are you so much more expensive than other trainers?

My work is almost exclusively behavior consulting, not training. All services include a Master's Degree, twenty years' professional experience, multiple certifications, memberships, continuing education, and knowledge of how cats, dogs, and humans think and learn. My job is to not only assist you in navigating your pet's behavior but also support you emotionally in the process

What can I expect in the first session?
Orange Tabby Cat

To get the most out of our time, avoid other appointments or distractions. Others are welcome to attend, including children

Prepare rewards your pet LOVES, just in case. In virtual sessions, portability is recommended in case I need a "tour" or to see your pet

My trainer told me cookies won't work for my dog and that I need to be the alpha. Is that true?
Bone Cookies

No, no one should use alpha or dominance based training - it's been known to be ineffective, confusing, and damaging since the 80s.  Learn more hereMy approach isn't a trendy, new, touchy-feely gimmick. It is supported by published research as effective and humane. If it works for a gorilla, it'll work for your dog.

Don't you need to see the behavior in action in order to address it?
Grey Kitten

When it comes to fear, aggression, and some other behaviors the answer is no! In fact, if your pet becomes too upset during our session, their brain will not be able to process much at all. My job is to keep your pet "under threshold" so they are equipped to learn.

Why can't we meet in person?
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Unfortunately, I recently suffered a stroke and am currently not able to drive and have limited energy. Further, I am decreasing how much time I spend working and spending more time enjoying life.

Why do you communicate and schedule via email only? Can't we talk on the phone?
Serious Kitten

I correspond via email due to schedule constraints and to accommodate more clients more efficiently. This also allows a written record of what was discussed. Texting and phone calls are available to existing clients. If you are uncertain about whether to work on your pet's behavior concerns, Case Reviews are a great option.

How many sessions will I need?